E-commerce become an unique skill of bathroom accessory
  In the impact of real estate market and e-commerce, household physical stores become more and more worse. It not only reflects on the stores are closed, but also less customers come to the mall on the holiday. It was reported that during the golden September and silver October this year, the customers of all the big malls had dropped about thirty percent. 
      Under this situation, to face the raging China’s Singles’ Day, all the suppliers including household enterprises should be actively deployed and save for a rainy day. 

                                              E-commerce provides to promote household selling optimization 
      Looking at the current development in various fields, there are more and more traditional businesses join into the e-commerce. In addition, most of the bathroom businesses define the e-commerce as a major development channel. We found that e-commerce business is close to the waves and it will sweep the entire bathroom market. 
      With the development of mobile internet, the manufacturers who highly praise on the whole-furniture are no longer just focus on the offline products. In the meantime, they take advantage of the network platform to appeal the customers and make the business bigger and bigger. The insiders analyzed that the products of online sales is similar to the store and it optimize the display form. It can effectively avoid spending over costs. In the consciously guide of electronic business platform and combining online and offline to become a main method of selling furniture. 
      For sanitary enterprises, e-commerce is an excellent adjunct method. To become an electricity supplier is the main choice of the sanitary enterprises. The chairmen of household enterprise believe they are already prepared for the big purchase day, China’s Singles’ Day. 
In the new e-commerce competition environment, only the sanitary enterprise show the unique skill, abandon the previous business model and to create a business forms can win the new market. The biggest advantage of e-commerce lies on price competition move to the internet and to maximize the price advantage. Meanwhile, the development of the internet makes information update speed and people are easier to obtain information. The dissemination of high and efficient information let the enterprise do business easier. 
      If the household electricity suppliers would like to win in this war, we must learn to use e-commerce advantages. Sanitary enterprises need to be clear that sanitary e-commerce is in a period of rapid development. Along with advances in information technology, e-commerce belongs to the emerging business models. Household enterprises want to quickly get rid of the shackles of excess capacity, we must try to develop the e-commerce.
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