Shuangfeng City Hunan Province uses three ways to protect seeds and the farmers gain the benefits

  On 24th, November, a large gainer named Wang Yongnian in Santangpu Town Shuangfeng City Hunan Province had just finished harvesting rice and then came to town agricultural station and said, Master Yang, this year I buy the seeds from the seed shops and they were promoted by the Agricultural Bureau of the city. It made my early and late rice had gained high yield and they were respectively increased 25 KG and 30 KG. This is a microcosm of innovation since Shuangfeng City change the seed management system. 
      Shuangfeng City is a big city of agricultural and food-producing. The city government put the food-producing as the economic development. In addition, they also regard the quantityof food production as the preliminary agenda. Referred all the primary agenda of work to determine the county Farm Bureau is responsible for the program to promote seed, in the set of experimental plots to try to grow, confirmed after the purchase is the real seed supply to farmers by the shops. In the mean time, the government will establish an agricultural enforcement unit, they will be responsible for the bad and fake seeds. 
      Since in 2014, this three measures were taken in action and the country has not happened cheat and hurt farmers event. It created a good condition for the farmers of this city to gain National Food Production Advanced Country for ten years.

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